The Avery Advocate was a meeting place for the genealogical exchange of all Avery branches and their families. The purpose of The Avery Advocate was to help trace all Avery Family roots, collect information and present it in readable form. We also printed feature stories of interest to Avery Family members. The Avery Advocate was a 12 to 14 page newsletter printed quarterly (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) from Summer 1992 to Spring 2000. All back issues are now available! Complete your collection of The Avery Advocate by filling in the gaps with issues you are missing.

[ ] Volume 1 # 1 Summer 1992 Intro., additional info for "The Groton Avery Clan" from VT & NH Vital Records, Queries, more.

[ ] Volume 1 # 2 Fall 1992 More updates to "The Groton Avery Clan", info on The 1992 Avery Memorial Association reunion & photos, queries, more.

[ ] Volume 1 # 3 Winter 1992 Movie Trivia, Letters to the Editor, Arthur Perley Avery & his dairy farm, queries. Georgia records, recipe, "A Genealogist's Christmas Eve," more.

[ ] Volume 1 # 4 Spring 1993 Star Trek, Higginson Books, "The Genealogist's Psalm," info from Missouri, "A Brief Family Name History of Avery," C.J. Avery's Restaurant, Avery Farm in Washington, CT, recipes, Avery book lists, more.

[ ] Volume 2 # 1 Summer 1993 "In Honor of Father's Day," Time Trax, Murphy Brown's son Avery, Avery Memorial Association Reunion notice, places of interest in Groton, CT; Artist Naomi Avery of New Hampshire; NH Avery Death list 1901-1937, recipes, obits, queries, more.

[ ] Volume 2 # 2 Fall 1993 Steve Avery item; recipe; Avery Memorial Association Reunion report; some Avery buildings around the country; updates of "The Groton Avery Clan"; old Avery births in Stratham, Barnstead & Ellsworth, NH; Averys in the 1790 NH Census; info about The Thomas Minor Diaries; obits; poem; queries; more.

[ ] Volume 2 # 3 Winter 1993 Phone Calls; recipe; info from Carlos Avery; author Kevin Quinn Avery; "A Computer Genealogy Christmas"; "A Genealogy Vacation"; pictures of churches of England frequented by our Avery ancestors; Origin of Greenslit and Greenslade; obits;queries; more.

[ ] Volume 2 # 4 Spring 1994 Special Avery Island issue; recipes; Ohio Avery info; obit; queries; more.

[ ] Volume 3 # 1 Summer 1994 Special Issue: A History of The Avery Company of Peoria, Illinois (they made Avery Tractors); Avery, Idaho info; Avery Signs; Avery Memorial Association reunion; obits; an Avery meets Nixon; queries; more.

[ ] Volume 3 # 2 Fall 1994 Special Issue: Avery Dam; Avery Memorial Association reunion report; Ruth Colby, daughter of Nellie Avery; Avery woman testifies at Senate hearing in Washington, D.C.; obits; Matthew Avery Day; queries; more.

[ ] Volume 3 # 3 Winter 1994 Amos Geer Avery; "All I Want for Christmas"; book review: Avery Clockmakers; Dedham Avery reunion in MA; obits; info from Thomas J. Avery's Family Bible (1837); recipe; queries; more.

[ ] Volume 3 # 4 Spring 1995 Avery Productions (Mimi Avery of Las Vegas); pyramid of Ancestors; Headstone Deciphering; Michigan 1910 Avery records; NH Tartan; headstones in the Christopher Avery and Edward Avery Cemeteries in Ledyard, CT; book review: Dedham, MA Avery Branch; queries; obits; more.

[ ] Volume 4 # 1 Summer 1995 Special Issue: Cyrus Stevens Avery - Father of Route 66; notice of the 100th Annual Reunion of The Avery Memorial Association; notice of reunion of Avery Dedham Branch; Avery England tour info; book review: A Tree Grows in Kansas; more.

[ ] Volume 4 # 2 Fall 1995 Murder in Massachusetts: The Trial of Rev. Ephraim Kingsbury Avery; The Avery Memorial Association's 100th Reunion; Dedham Avery Reunion; N. Carolina Avery Reunion notice; more.

[ ] Volume 4 # 3 Winter 1995 Ephraim Kingsbury Avery follow-up; R. Stanton Avery (Avery Labels); Avery Oak; Monroe County, MI records; Shelby County, IN records; CT cemetery records and more.

[ ] Volume 4 # 4 Spring 1996 William Henry Avery (Governor of Kansas 1965-1967); writer/columnist Charles "Chuck" Avery; info from Margaret Knights Hultsch; Avery Deaths in NH 1901 - 1937 (B, C, E) and more.

[ ] Volume 5 # 1 Summer 1996 Samuel Putnam Avery (Genealogist & Art Connoisseur), Captain Salem Avery House, Elvin V. Huckins: Riding Horseback Coast-to-Coast; New Hampshire Avery Births to 1900; July Avery reunion info and more.

[ ] Volume 5 # 2 Fall 1996 The Avery Hotel of Avery, California; Franklin Capen Avery; Results from a Genealogy Vacation in Vermont; and more.

[ ] Volume 5 # 3 Winter 1996 Tex Avery, King of Cartoons; Letters from Ken Allard, Carlos Avery & William Pierson, Vermont Vital Records; Corinth, VT Census Records from 1850 and 1860; an Avery at "The Big E", and more.

[ ] Volume 5 # 4 Spring 1997 Documenting cemeteries, CT Gravestone Network, The Hive of the Averys, Pre-1901 Marriages of NH Avery Women, Queries, Obituaries, General info.

[ ] Volume 6 # 1 Summer 1997 Avery Reunions, Caleb Avery, Beth Wheeler Lavertue, 1786 Avery Sampler, newspaper article about Stephanie Lantiere documenting gravestones, Marriages, Obits, Queries and more.

[ ] Volume 6 # 2 Fall 1997 Bela Lyon Pratt (Sculptor), Tex Avery, Avery Memorial Association 1997 Reunion report, Avery captives during the Revolutionary War, Obituaries and more.

[ ] Volume 6 # 3 Winter 1997 New book offers, Tabitha Avery, Obituaries, lots of queries and more.

[ ] Volume 6 # 4 Spring 1998 The Avery Company follow-up, Virginia Avery (Clothing Designer), Alabama records, Obituaries and more.

[ ] Volume 7 # 1 Summer 1998 Special issue about Boston Red Sox player Steve Avery. Also, a listing of the Averys in the Avery-Morgan Cemetery in Groton, CT, an Avery mentioned in a current murder mystery novel, queries, obits & more.

[ ] Volume 7 # 2 Fall 1998 Artist Milton Clark Avery; Avery info from Loomis Family Genealogy; Avery info from Maine Vital Records to 1892 Vol.1; obits, queries & more.

[ ] Volume 7 # 3 Winter 1998 "Long Ben" Avery the pirate; 1904 newspaper articles of David Avery of Charlemont, MA; queries & more.

[ ] Volume 7 # 4 Spring 1999 Special issue on Avebury in England - "Older Than Stonehenge;" queries & more.

[ ] Volume 8 # 1 Summer 1999 Authors of "The Groton Avery Clan," The Parke Society, Christopher Avery Bible, queries, more.

{ ] Volume 8 # 2 Fall 1999 Rufus Avery & his Bible (reprints of hand written notes and lists from his Bible), queries, more.

[ ] Volume 8 # 3 Winter 1999 Pics from the 1999 Avery Reunion, Maple Sugar Averys, Early Avery Company, Avery Family Postcard business, births, deaths, queries, more.

[ ] Volume 8 # 4 Spring 2000 Avery Beverages, Averys buried in London, obits, queries, change of publishers, more.

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