The Magician's Wand: A History of Mystical Rods of Power
by Joe Lantiere

Here are some reviews about the book so far:

"I found the book fascinating. It is very well researched, including footnotes and photo credits. Joe provides historical notes including quotes and diagrams. He discusses origins of various stories, such as the snake around the wand, and the use as a medical symbol. He describes the wands of famous magicians, and early effects with wands, He also describes the symbolism and ritual with wands. He includes information about the composition of each staff/wand and myths related to them... This book is not just a story, but centuries of tradition by wonder workers of all sorts. I don't think it is possible to read this book and pick up another wand without a major change in your outlook. A wand is a special symbol of power, and as magicians, we should know the reasons and history as well as the symbols and myths." - Bruce Barnett

"Wonderful, fascinating and just plain fun! I can't imagine anyone not wanting to read about magic wands, which are more than the dowel you've come to know." - Bob Herion

"HAIL HERMES! Mr. Lantiere has created something very special for all of us who love the history of mystery. The Magicician's Wand book opens doors to the past where we have an opportunity to explore the deeper meanings, myths and symbols of our art." - Jeff McBride, Creator of the Mystery School of Magical Arts

"I really like the book. You have done an immense amount of work on this. It is the definitive work on the magic wands... Definitely worth having for the serious bizarrist, the scholar and the magic historian... It's a wonderful book." - Bill Palmer, M.I.M.C.

"A fascinating book filled with history and many illustrations including Bruce's 'Wand of Antiquity' and Ed Solomon's walking stick, as well as many more. For those of you who are good at crafts, you will find many things to keep you busy." - Brother Shadow (Carl Herron)

"150 pages of information that the practicing wizard simply must have in his library. I was really blown away by the enormity of your research, and your collection must be something to behold. You have given the magic world a real treasure." - Ed Solomon

"It is a VERY well researched and written book of 150 pages, filled with fascinating illustrations and facts. The material goes far beyond what most people think of when a 'magic wand' is mentioned. Joe discusses witch's brooms, tuning forks, dowsing sticks, tridents, athames, dance sticks, rain sticks, soul catchers and many many more. Really fascinating stuff in these pages. If you are serious about your magic, this book should (must!) be in your library." - Larry White (editor M-U-M)

"I totally agree with Larry White's statements about Joe Lantiere's book. It's a MUST read for any magician." - Christian Chelman

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